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Why We’re Passionate About Skin

Why We’re Passionate About Skin

We are passionate about skin — in case you missed it (ICYMI), and many of us have turned our passion into a career. We enjoy helping our patients care for the largest organ in their body. And we care about saving lives by preventing and treating skin cancer. In addition, we’re passionate about heading off premature aging and also about providing tools and education to our patients about caring for their skin.

Skin is Your Largest Organ 

It’s incredible to think that skin is your largest organ. It protects you from the outside world and literally holds you together. With a job this big, we feel it’s essential to break down the different ways we care for your approximately 8 pounds and 22 square feet of skin. (By the way, your facial skin only accounts for about one square foot of this skin.)

Why We’re Passionate About It 

Some of us are passionate about skin care after seeing it improve a patient’s health or sense of self-worth and confidence. Others became passionate about taking care of your skin because it makes you look and feel great. And a few of us were teens and adults with acne who finally turned things around when we saw a dermatologist and got the medical-grade product or oral medication needed to clear it. Whatever the reason, we are all here because we’re passionate about skin health.

Saving Lives

Skin cancer has a high survival rate when it’s caught in time. That’s why we’re so passionate about encouraging our patients to come in for their annual skin check-up and doing self-checks too. Early detection saves lives. 

Preventing Premature Aging 

We’re passionate about preventing sun damage for two reasons. Number one, it ages your skin prematurely. The sun accounts for more than 80 percent of premature skin aging. This can take a toll on you by making you look older than you feel.   

Preventing DNA Damage 

The second reason we’re passionate about preventing sun damage is that the sun’s rays can change your skin’s DNA and cause cancer. This type of damage is not reversible, so we focus on prevention and treatment to help our patients live their healthiest lives.

Providing Tools 

We’re passionate about providing tools and education to our patients on how to care for their skin. Our website, newsletter, and blog are our way to have ongoing communication with our patients about fun and important ways to take care of their skin.

Our Passion 

We are passionate about skin care, and many of us have turned our passion into a career. Whether we’re dermatologists, nurses, medical assistants, aestheticians, or front office staff. The one thing we have in common is our passion for skin health. 

Join the hundreds of patients who have scheduled their annual skin check-up. And while you’re at it, have a little fun and ask your dermatologist what skincare products they recommend for your skin care routine.  


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