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Battling Breakouts? 10 Reasons Your Acne is Getting Worse

We all have different physical characteristics – “perfect imperfections” – that give us our individual appeal and charm. Our different traits can tell a unique story, whether it’s a sprinkling of freckles, a gap between our two front teeth, or a childhood scar across an eyebrow.

And then there’s acne. 

Most of us have had to address acne at some point. Sometimes it’s just a pimple or two. Other times, it’s a cluster of painful cysts. Without a doubt, the best way to manage acne will always be the personalized care you receive from a qualified dermatologist. What you do between visits to your dermatologist matters too. Here are 10 common habits that can jeopardize even the best acne treatments. 

1. Popping your pimples. 

Popping pimples is one of the worst habits for your complexion. Not only do you risk exacerbating the problem and causing scars, but you can also introduce harmful bacteria that can lead to infections and even serious medical issues. The risk is particularly great if you pop pimples around your mouth, on your nose, and between your eyebrows. 

2. Not wearing sunscreen. 

If you struggle with acne, smearing thick, greasy sunscreen on your face every day might seem like a recipe for pore-clogging disaster. However, wearing the right sunscreen can actually help prevent acne by protecting your skin from UV damage that can aggravate your skin and make acne worse. Just make sure you use sunscreen that is appropriate for your skin type, like the ones we carry on our online shop.

3. Failing to cleanse your face before exercise. 

We all know that we should cleanse our skin after a hard, sweaty workout. But how often do you cleanse your skin before working out? 

Exercising is fantastic for your skin. However, sweating with a dirty face can irritate your skin and clog your pores. Your skin is especially vulnerable if you routinely wear makeup (primer, foundation, blush, etc.) before hitting the gym. You don’t have to perform an entire skincare routine before your CrossFit session – just use a gentle makeup remover to get rid of the residue from makeup, oil, or dirt. After your workout, gently wash and moisturize your face. 

4. Cleansing your face too aggressively. 

Over-washing your face and using acne treatments that are too harsh will cause your skin to become irritated, dry, and more prone to breakouts. Gentle cleansing is key. 

5. Failing to change your pillowcase. 

Your pillow and pillowcase can accumulate bacteria, oils, and dirt very quickly (yuck!), so make sure to launder your pillow when necessary and change your pillowcase at least twice weekly. 

Also, use a pillowcase that isn’t rough on your skin – silk pillowcases are great because they’re non-irritating and extremely gentle, but hypoallergenic cotton and satin pillowcases are great, too. 

6. Failing to cleanse your makeup applicators. 

Makeup brushes and sponges harbor bacteria, accumulated makeup products, dirt, skin cells, oils – basically everything that causes acne. Wash your makeup applicators at least once weekly to ensure you don’t re-introduce harmful irritants to your skin. 

7. Touching your face. 

It’s hard to stop touching our faces, but our hands can spread acne-causing bacteria, leading to inflammation and breakouts. Avoid wiping or scratching your face with your bare hands; keep a tissue handy if you need to wipe away sweat or scratch your nose. 

8. Using skin-irritating hair styling products. 

While some products are great for your hair, they might not benefit your skin. Products with heavy silicones and emollients can trigger breakouts by attracting bacteria and clogging pores. If your hair serums and stylers are too effective to give up, wear your hair away from your face and don’t apply products too close to the hairline. 

9. Not washing your hats. 

If you wear sun hats, visors, ball caps, helmets, or other headgear that touches your face, wash them regularly according to the manufacturer’s directions. 

It’s also important to let your skin breathe. If you wear headgear for most of the day, remove it periodically to wipe away accumulated sweat and allow your skin to dry. Also, make sure your hat isn’t too tight; the friction can lead to – you guessed it – breakouts. 

10. Skipping visits to the dermatologist.  

If you struggle with acne, the best way to address it successfully and quickly is by having customized treatment from a dermatologist. Not only will you get to the root of the issue, but you will also save money on skincare; no more buying drugstore products on a trial-and-error basis. 

Take charge of your skin and banish blemishes once and for all! The team at our clinic offers next-generation skincare solutions that help people of all ages and skin types achieve healthy, clear, beautiful skin. Schedule your visit with us today! 


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