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The 411 on Phyto-Corrective Skincare: How Our Favorite Phytoceramides Soothe Sensitive Skin

Phytoceramides are extremely popular skincare ingredients, and it isn’t hard to see why! Phyto-corrective skincare offers highly effective moisture retention, clarification, and rejuvenation. Plus, it’s fantastic for sensitive skin. 

But what are phytoceramides, anyway? 

Benefits of Phytoceramides 

Human skin cells are surrounded by ceramides, long-chain fatty acids that maintain a moisture-retaining barrier and influence cell growth. Approximately 50% of the lipids in the skin barrier are ceramides. 

Not only does the ceramide barrier help skin stay appropriately hydrated, but it also protects the body from environmental irritants, pathogens, and toxins. 

Unfortunately, ceramide levels begin to decline as we age, causing our skin to become drier, more sensitive to irritants, and susceptible to inflammation and redness. Using topical ceramide products has been shown to replenish the skin barrier and even facilitate the production of more ceramides. Ceramides have been shown to offer the following benefits: 

  • Skin rejuvenation. Because ceramides help the skin retain water, the skin appears plumper and smoother. Moreover, ceramides improve hyperpigmentation, enhancing skin radiance. 
  • Manages breakouts. Sensitive skin that is prone to inflammation and breakouts could benefit from a boost of ceramides. When the skin barrier becomes damaged, the skin becomes more reactive and susceptible to acne flare-ups. Ceramides can help repair and protect the skin barrier, making the skin less reactive. 
  • Repairs UV damage. A healthy skin barrier can filter approximately 70% of UVB rays. Because ceramides can effectively repair the skin barrier, SPF products enhanced with ceramides have demonstrated significant UV-filtering efficacy. When used with a moisturizing sunscreen, ceramides can offer extremely effective protection to the skin barrier. 

Numerous skin care products contain ceramides, which can be naturally derived or synthetic. When ceramides are entirely plant-based, they are known as phytoceramides (the prefix “phyto” is from the Greek word phyein, which means “to grow”).

Phytoceramides are an excellent option because they don’t use animal-derived ingredients, making them accessible to people who cannot use animal products. 

People with sensitive skin can benefit tremendously from Phyto-corrective skincare. Here are a few of our favorite phytoceramide skincare products for soothing and revitalizing sensitive skin. 

Sensitive Skin with Redness and Inflammation 

If you’re experiencing inflammation after a cosmetic procedure (laser resurfacing, microdermabrasion, or another minimally invasive rejuvenation treatment), phytoceramide products could help reduce redness and sensitivity while supporting cellular regrowth. 

SkinCeuticals Phyto-Corrective Masque is a calming botanical face mask that hydrates and eases reactive skin. This corrective facial mask is instantly cooling — it reduces the skin’s surface temperature by 5°F — and is excellent for addressing post-procedure reactivity. Moreover, it reduces skin sensitivity and provides a boost of potent botanical extracts, a soothing dipeptide, and volumizing hyaluronic acid. 

Another fantastic product for combatting redness is WestDerm Botanical Calming & Correcting serum. This concentrated product is perfect for highly sensitized and reactive skin, offering abundant antioxidant benefits that minimize inflammation, protect against free radical damage, and relieve discomfort. 

Sensitive Oily and Acne-Prone Skin 

Very often, those of us with oily skin will attribute inflammation and acne flare-ups to excess oil production, leading to over-correction with skin-drying products that make acne worse. SkinCeuticals Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment is an excellent option for people experiencing simultaneous breakouts, oiliness, and irritation. This oil-reducing, lightweight, and calming moisturizer not only provides a hefty dose of hydration, it also clarifies the pores and accelerates healing, clearing up existing acne and preventing new breakouts. 

Another fantastic lightweight product for oily and combination skin is  SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Essence Mist. This soothing and hydrating facial mist can be applied whenever you need a dose of moisture. This fabulous mist can even be applied over makeup! 

Sensitive Skin with Hyperpigmentation/Discoloration 

The appearance of sun damage-related skin discoloration can be effectively reduced by repairing the skin barrier and accelerating skin cell turnover. The WestDerm IPL Botanical Serum and Antioxidant Sunscreen bundle provides a potent boost of free radical-fighting phytoceramides, antioxidant botanicals, and intensive UV protection. This skincare system is highly effective for addressing post-treatment inflammation and redness. 

Another great product for correcting uneven skin tone is SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel, a calming gel formulation that improves skin texture and volume while inhibiting the processes that cause hyperpigmentation. This product was engineered to promote healing, containing ingredients like anti-inflammatory eucalyptus and hydrating hyaluronic acid. With calming botanical ingredients like mulberry that target discoloration, this restorative gel is excellent for all skin types. 

While phytoceramides deliver stellar results for multiple skin conditions, it’s still important to see a qualified dermatologist who can recommend an effective skincare routine for your skin type, lifestyle, and goals. Please visit our information page to find a dermatology center near you. 


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