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Traveling? ✈️ Adapt your skincare routine to your destination

Here’s one thing the travel guides won’t tell you: Your skin may feel very different at your destination than it does at home. The products in your regular routine might suddenly leave your complexion feeling oily or dry. Before you board the plane or pile into the car for your next vacation, read up on how your skin might react to a new environment. Then, pick up whatever you may need to acclimate to your temporary home—in FAA-friendly bottles, of course.

We’re here to make the research a little easier for you. Read on for some simple tips on adjusting your skincare routine for common travel destinations.

> In a tropical climate, like Cancún: The high heat and humidity could leave your skin feeling greasy, so pack a clarifying cleanser and lightweight moisturizer to minimize shine and breakouts. 

> In a mild humid climate, like the Hamptons: You’re likely to sweat more in a humid environment, even if it’s not super warm, so make sure to pack waterproof sunscreen and makeup, if you wear it. 

> In a hot, dry climate, like Palm Springs: When there’s almost no moisture in the air, your skin can dry out, accelerating signs of aging. To counteract the dry environment, use a gentle cleanser and a heavyweight moisturizer, so your skin stays hydrated and fresh. 

> In a mountain climate, like Mammoth or Tahoe: A higher elevation means dryness and much more UV exposure, so choose an emollient sunscreen and reapply every two hours. This step is especially important if you have a high risk of skin cancer, so don’t skip it!

> Anywhere: Daily sunscreen use minimizes your skin cancer risk and slows signs of aging, so it’s a must wherever you are. Pick heavier formulas for dry locales and lighter formulas for humid locales. 

Pack us in your suitcase and take us with you. For your convenience, we have a variety of skincare products and regimens in our offices and online at that can be customized to your skin type. Our sunscreens are even 20% OFF this month (June 2022) to help you pack and prepare for your next summer vacation.

If you have any questions about customizing your skincare routine to the climate, just make an appointment before you go, and one of our dermatologists will talk you through it. Bon voyage and safe travels!


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