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Vitamin C: How it Can Benefit Your Skin and Health 🍊

If you’ve admired someone’s glowy skin lately, chances are they’re benefiting from the beautifying effects of vitamin C. You can have that glow, too! You just need to kick it up a notch with a great serum and good nutrition. Let’s do this together in honor of Vitamin C day this month.   

You Need Vitamin C

You need vitamin C from a topical serum (and food) to protect your cells from free radicals. Your body produces these molecules when it’s exposed to damaging things like too much sun, smog, and stress. Free radicals wreak havoc on cells, they contribute to dull skin, wrinkles, and premature aging. Vitamin C’s antioxidant powers protect you from these free radicals. 

How it Works

Vitamin C helps repair your skin by stimulating collagen production. This precious protein makes your skin supple and radiant. It also evens out your skin tone. So, if you have age spots or freckles, vitamin C keeps them from getting darker by blocking a key melanin-producing enzyme. It also blocks some of the sun’s harmful rays. Check out these helpful 

Protect Your Skin with a Vitamin C Serum

This powerful vitamin is one of the most popular skincare ingredients because it’s an amazing (ANTI)oxidant. We all know that a freshly sliced apple will turn brown as it begins to interact with the air and oxidize. But did you know that the oxidizing process slows down if the apple is rubbed, and protected with, vitamin C serum? Imagine similar protection for your skin. And don’t forget, not all vitamin C serums are created equal. There are plenty of duds on the market that just don’t work. That’s why it’s so important to use a high-quality serum to get the best results. Think of it this way: Vitamin C is the diva of skincare ingredients. It demands perfection in lighting and temperature to work its magic. Vitamin C serums are easily damaged by air, light, and heat. They can lose their antioxidant properties even while they’re being made, so they’re challenging to formulate and manufacture. Lucky for us, our shop carries Skinceuticals CE Ferulic antioxidant serum, which has published more studies than any other brand. Our dermatologists consider it the gold standard, and we highly recommend it. We’re so passionate about vitamin C serum; it’s one of our top skincare tips for 2021. 

Vitamin C for Health (and Hair)

Eating foods high in vitamin C stimulates collagen production, which benefits your entire body because it repairs tissues and helps burns and cuts heal. It also maintains bone and teeth health. Studies say it can reduce your chance of getting a chronic disease like cancer. Vitamin C consumption even helps your hair grow and prevents split ends. 

Eat Your Veggies

Here’s a quiz for you. Which of the following vegetables contains vitamin C: cabbage, spinach, or potato? If you said all three, you’re right. It’s common knowledge that fruits are high in vitamin C. But fewer people realize that just as much vitamin C is found in most veggies. Try to get the recommended five servings of fruit and vegetables each day to “vitamin see” your best skin ever! If you have any questions about the above information or want more personalized skincare advice, one of our board-certified dermatologists would be happy to see you for an appointment.


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