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What are Dermal Fillers?

Looking Younger, Faster

We have all looked into the mirror and wished that we could see a more youthful reflection standing before us. You might have already tried creams and ointments to try to keep your face in tip-top shape, but have not seen the results that you have wanted. Cosmetic surgery might be the last thing on your mind, so what else can you do to achieve a more youthful appearance?

The answer lies with Coast Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center and injectable fillers. Dr. Goldberg can help you knock years off of your age with our dermal fillers in Laguna Beach. His experience with fillers can also help ensure that they do not migrate to another part of the face. To learn more about what dermal fillers can do for you, keep reading our most recent blog.

What are Dermal Filler in Laguna Beach, CA?

As we age we gradually lose our fat and bone which supports our skin. So really, the tablecloth is too big for the table. This, along with sun damage, results in wrinkle lines, contour changes, skin laxity and flat cheeks.

Dermal Fillers can help reduce the signs of aging. They are used for the following cosmetic enhancements:

  • To smooth contour changes
  • To restore the volume lost with hollow cheeks and hands
  • To soften the appearance of scars
  • To reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • To enhance lips to restore a natural, youthful appearance

Dermal Fillers dramatically improve facial features in as little as one treatment. These fillers are meant for the skin and soft tissue, and can provide almost immediate results, without surgery.

The Coast Dermatology & Laser Surgery Center team may recommend that you combine both fillers with other injections, such as Botox. When you visit dermatologist Dr. Glenn Goldberg for an initial consultation, he will evaluate which treatments will best suit your individual requests. Cosmetic dermal fillers are a great option for individuals who do not want cosmetic surgery, but are considering other anti-aging options.

Find Out More about Fillers

If you have been searching for an easy cosmetic option to help rejuvenate your facial features, don’t look any further than dermal fillers. Fillers combined with Dr. Goldberg’s injectable expertise leads to beautifully subtle results. You can look younger, find yourself with more confidence, and ready to take on the world!


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