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Wrinkle Relaxers

Wrinkle-relaxing injections receive a 90% approval rating from consumers who want to look younger or better for their age, appear more attractive and feel more confident. They are popular because they work so well. Botox injections are the most popular cosmetic treatment for the aging face. They are non-invasive with no downtime and in expert hands produce superior results. Dr. Glenn Goldberg of Coast Dermatology and Laser Surgery Center in Laguna Beach, California is an expert in the art, science and aesthetics of wrinkle relaxers.

What are wrinkle relaxers and how do they work?

Wrinkle relaxers are injectables that contain naturally occurring neuromodulators to reduce the function of specific facial muscles to treat dynamic wrinkles, those that result from repeated muscle movements over years that crease the skin. Dynamic wrinkles appear as a result of frowning and squinting and are a classic sign of skin damage and aging. Prominent forehead creases, brow furrows and crow’s feet can be effectively treated with wrinkle relaxers.

There are three FDA approved products that contain Botulism neuromodulators to relax muscle contractions and smooth wrinkles:

  • Botox® is the most popular and many people ask for it by name. It contains the active ingredient – botulism toxin A, with proteins to restore a youthful appearance. Botox onset is usually 5-7 days. The results are reliable and predictable.
  • Dysport® acts similarly to Botox. Dysport was created to reduce the risk of resistance to Dysport, and offers faster onset 1-2 days after treatment, and may last longer than Botox.
  • Xeomin® is another injectable neurotoxin with slight differences from Botox, and was designed to reduce the risk of developing resistance to Xeomin. Xeomin works like Botox with the same duration, dosing and onset time. Some studies suggest it is active more quickly than Botox.

They temporarily reduce skin creasing and prevent new creases, last for 3-6 months, and have excellent safety profiles in the hands of an experienced injector. Contrary to common perceptions, these relaxers do not freeze your facial expressions. Rather you will retain natural expressions and achieve a smooth, refreshed look.

What are the best uses for these neuromodulators?

The most common areas treated include deep forehead creases, brow lines and furrows and crow’s feet. More recently cosmetic dermatologists are using these wrinkle relaxers off- label, totally legally because they have found them to be effective to:

  • Lift the corners of the mouth by relaxing the muscles that pull down the corners of the mouth.
  • Raise and level droopy brows to achieve a chemical brow lift which opens the eyes and raises the brow.
  • Release and smooth neck bands sometimes referred to a chemical neck lift. Only treating the face, and leaving the neck bands and jowls will give your age away. The neck muscles can be relaxed to reduce their pull on the jawline and lift the jowls.
  • Smooth chin wrinkles caused by chin muscle contractions.
  • Reshape a square jaw line. Injections into the muscles of the jaw to reduce the appearance of a square jaw, soften the shape of the face, and make your lower face appear slimmer.

Tell me about the procedure.

Before treatment, your face will be cleaned. You will be asked to contract and relax the problem muscles, so that the doctor can inject specific areas on your face for the most natural look. The toxin is injected using tiny, fine needles to reach the targeted muscles. The injections feel like a mild sting. After injections you will be offered an ice pack to reduce bleeding and swelling. Pre and post – treatment to reduce bruising. If you tend to bruise easily, you might consider using Arnica or Vitamin K, to reduce bruising.

Am I a good candidate?

If you are in good health, over 18 and desire a nonsurgical way to address facial aging, and your moderate to severe wrinkles are in the areas where neuromodulators are used, wrinkle relaxation may be for you.

To regain a youthful appearance for work, or social life and to generally enhance the quality of your life, expertly administered neuromodulators are injections available at Coast Dermatology and Laser in Laguna Beach, California can help. Call today 949-499-1389 to schedule a consultation.


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