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Deep Cleansing Facial

Treatment includes thorough deep cleansing (extractions if needed), exfoliation, relaxing massage, hydrating hand massage, therapeutic mask and anti-oxidant applications.

Ultimate Pumpkin Enzyme Facial

Treatment includes thorough deep cleansing with steam (extractions if needed). Pumpkin enzyme treatment is applied. Relaxing neck shoulder and hand massage followed by a soothing hydrating mask. This treatment, offered at our Orange County office, is to promote smoother younger looking skin by increasing the rate of cell renewal and also has an instant result of exfoliating, brightening and temporarily tightening the skin.

Acne Facial

Deep cleansing followed by steam, extractions and acne control products to balance and heal skin damaged by acne.

Deep Cleansing Back Treatment


Very effective, non-invasive procedure to improve sun damage, fine lines, even texture, mild acne scarring, texture and “dull” appearance of skin.

  • Series of Three
  • Series of Five

Ultimate Microdermabrasion

This perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxing treatment combines the microdermabrasion (described above) with a relaxing massage and therapeutic mask application.


A crystal free microdermabrasion that is clinically proven to effectively exfoliate and produce new collagen. This treatment helps to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and acne scarring. Series (Microdermabrasion.)

Ultimate Vibradermabrasion

This perfect combination of therapeutic and relaxing treatment combines the vibraderm (described above) with relaxing massage and therapeutic mask application.

PCA Chemical Peel Description – Face Only

To improve a wide variety of skin conditions, such as hyperpigmentation (brown spots), uneven skin texture, fine lines, general sun damage, mild acne scarring, congested/oily skin. We have a wide variety of clinically proven light to medium peels to improve your skin and help you achieve a radiant complexion. PCA peels consist of salicylic acid- a beta hydroxy acid which is found naturally in willow bark, wintergreen leaves and sweet birch bark. Formulations containing high concentrations of salicylic acid help slough off dead cells and debris while stimulating the skins natural renewal process. Post peel kit included.

  • PCA Sinsi Peel
  • PCA Ultra Peel 1
  • PCA with HQ and Resorcinol

Skin Medica Chemical Peel

Is suitable for all skin types and produces predictable and noticeable results. The vitalized and rejuvenize peels are indicated for patients with mild to moderate skin conditions including sun damage, fine lines and wrinkles, acne, acne scarring and melasma. Post peel kit included.

  • Vitalized Peel
  • Rejuvenize

Glytone “The Eye and Lip Peel”

15% Lactic Acid and 3.75% TCA. It helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, hyperpigmentation, gravitational eyelid droop, dark circles and produce rounder fuller lip shape. Great as an add on with a Botox or filler treatment.

  • Enerpeel El

Treatment Add-Ons

  • Pumpkin Enzyme
  • Hand Treatment

To achieve the best results with the above treatments we recommend you follow our advised skin care program at home. Dr. Goldberg has personally selected all of our products we have in our Laguna Beach, CA office. They are all only available in medical doctors’ offices and include prescription and cosmetic products that have been clinically proven for excellent results.

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